Azur Lane Utilities

This page is just a hub for a variety of utilities I wrote for the mobile game, Azur Lane.

  • Safe To Scrap MK II - This is a a list of safe to scrap equipment and niche equipment, for the EN server of Azur Lane. It's targeted toward midgame+ players. Based on the original by itsfyh.
  • Fleet Power List - A list of rainbow and gold auxiliary equipment, by Fleet Power, if you want to scum meaninless numbers.
Other Utilities
  • PR Data Submission - We’re collecting data for PR research. Use this page to upload screenshots of your PR Research Results to help out the data gathering.
  • JSON Ship Database - A mirror of ship cargo data on The English AL Wiki in JSON, which should make it easy to parse using client-side JS and other languages.
  • EN Community Tierlist - I help with managing the ECTL website.