PR Data Submission

Use this page to upload screenshots of your PR Research Results to help out with the data gathering effort.

Select a screenshot of your results:
You can also paste it from your clipboard with Ctrl+V, or drag-and-drop it from your file browser.
Select the research project series (also called season):
This is the project series, marked by a numeral on the top left of the project box. It might not match your chosen focus.
Select the project type:
Select the project name:
Selected project properties:
  • Color: 
  • Length: 
  • Cost: 
A screenshot is required.
Do not submit the result through this form. Join the ECTL Discord, submit the result in #pr-data, and bother Traneptora#3287 that there is a missing project.
If you notice any bugs or there are any problems or concerns, please let me know on Discord at Traneptora#3287. You can also open an issue on the GitHub repository.