Quads Rating Estimator

This calculates your estimated post-event USCF rating for a 4-player round-robin event, given the all players' pre-event ratings and everyone's scores. Unlike the Rating Estimator, this only works for 4-player round-robin events but is perfectly accurate.

Player 1 Rating:
Player 1 Score:

Player 2 Rating:
Player 2 Score:

Player 3 Rating:
Player 3 Score:

Player 4 Rating:
Player 4 Score:

Player 1 Performance:
Player 1 Expectancy:

Player 2 Performance:
Player 2 Expectancy:

Player 3 Performance:
Player 3 Expectancy:

Player 4 Performance:
Player 4 Expectancy:

Player 1 Post-event Rating:

Player 2 Post-event Rating:

Player 3 Post-event Rating:

Player 4 Post-event Rating:

This estimator makes some assumptions and if they all hold, it's dead accurate:

  • The event is dual-rated, which means it has a time control between G/30 and G/60;d5. This only matters if a player is near 2200 rating.
  • Every player enters with a rating. Nobody's unrated.
  • Every player has played at least 9 games before.
  • No player has won or lost every previous game he/she has played.
  • Every player has played enough previous games for their rating to be "well-established enough." (This will always be the case with 50 prior games or more.)